Virtual Roster Caesars ESS Scheduling: Employee Okta Login 2024 (2024)

Caesars Entertainment is using the Virtual Roster ESS Scheduling login to manage the employee schedule and prepare the upcoming job assignments for employees.

In this article, we are sharing important information about how Caesars employees can access the Virtual Roster Scheduling application and MyVR ESS account from a desktop web browser and mobile device.


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New Update: Caesars Entertainment is now using the Okta SSO login service for employees to allow them access to all of Caesar’s applications including the Virtual Roster account through a single login.

Most organizations are using digital tools to improve employee efficiency and provide them with essential services and information to manage their daily tasks. Online scheduling and employee self-services are the most important services that employees are using these days in an online mode.

Caesars Entertainment has also partnered with UKG (Ultimate Keronos Group) and got the license to use their ESS and Scheduling modeling offered under the Virtual Roster product.

Virtual Roster is a software product specifically designed to improve casino and hotel industry operational efficiency and is used by popular companies such as Virtual Roster Parx Casino, ESS Login Rivers Casino, MGM Okta Virtual Roster, and MyVR Mohegan SUN.

Let’s discuss the ESS and Scheduling portals of Caesars Entertainment.

Caesars Virtual Roster Okta Login

Okta which offers an on-demand single sign-on service has partnered with Caesars Entertainment to provide enhanced login security service to its employees and implemented an SSO login facility. All employees are now able to log in to their Okta account once and access any Caesars Entertainment application.

Employees who were accessing the Virtual Roster Scheduling applications can now access that through the Okta login. There are two ways to access that…

  1. Through Caesars Okta Virtual Roster login.
  2. Through Caesars Okta dashboard.

It is a similar type of implementation that Okta has done with MGM Resorts also.

Let’s discuss each login process below.

1-Through Caesars Okta Virtual Roster login:

Please follow the below steps to access your account.

  1. Visit the Caesars Virtual Roster login page.
  2. It will be redirected to an Okta-powered Virtual Roster login page for Caesars Entertainment employees (as shown below).
Virtual Roster Caesars ESS Scheduling: Employee Okta Login 2024 (1)
  1. Enter your username in the sign-in form and press the Next button.
  2. Enter your password on the next screen and access your Virtual Roster account.

2-Through Caesars Okta dashboard:

In this login method, employees can log in to their Caesars Okta dashboard page. This login method is useful if employees want to access multiple applications through a single Okta login.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Okta login page at
  2. You can search the Caesars Okta login URL on this page.
  3. Enter Caesars in the Company name section and press the Continue button.
  4. It will redirect to the Okta Caesars dashboard login page.
  5. Enter your Okta SSO login credentials and access your Okta-powered Caesar’s applications dashboard page.

You are now on the Okta Caesars dashboard page. To access any application, just click the application link and you will be logged in instantly without entering login credentials.

Note: Employees can also log in to the Okta Caesars dashboard page by visiting URL.

How to unlock Caesars Okta account?

If somehow employees are not able to access their accounts due to different reasons such as if they forget their username or password or their account has been locked due to multiple unsuccessful attempts then use the account unlock facility to regain access to your Okta account.

Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Okta Caesars login page.
  • Click the Unlock Account link on the login page.
  • On the next page, you will get three options to unlock your account.
    1. Email – Enter your username and select the Email option. On the next page, click the“Send me an email” link. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address.
    2. Get a push notification – Select this option if you have installed the Okta Verify app on your smartphone. You will get a push notification to verify your account.
    3. Phone – Select this option and click the Receive a code via SMS on the next page. You will get a security code toyour phone to verify your account.
  • Verify your account by using any one method.
  • After the verification, you will get account recovery options that you can use to easily unlock your account.

Virtual Roster Caesars Scheduling

Caesars Entertainment is using the Virtual Roster product by UKG. Virtual Roster provides two important modules that Caesars employees are using.

  • Scheduling
  • ESS (MyVR)

All Caesars Employees can access their schedules by logging into their accounts through a secure web browser. Employees can check their upcoming weekly schedule and prepare for the weekly job tasks.

All the scheduling-related activities are managed by the Caesars Scheduling coordinator prepares weekly and monthly schedules and is also responsible for resolving the schedule and payroll-related issues of employees.

Caesars Scheduling ESS application also tracks and shares employee and department-related reports and data.

Caesars ESS Scheduling Login

All employees who have the proper authorization and login access can log in to their accounts and check their schedules.

To log in, visit the Caesars ESS Scheduling portal login page at, and click the Sign In button after entering your username and password.

For employees who are looking for easy step-by-step information, please check the below details.

Login requirements:

There are a few necessary login requirements every employee must follow.

  • Caesars Employees must have the correct login URL of their ESS scheduling application.
  • Employees must be ready with their login credentials.
  • A secure web browser installed on a secure device will be required.
  • A good quality internet connection is highly recommended.

Login steps:

Employees working at Caesars Entertainment can follow the below steps.

  • Open the Caesars ESS Scheduling Login Page.
  • Enter Your Login Credentials.
  • Access your ESS Scheduling Account.

Let’s check more details about how each login step works.

Step 1. Open the Caesars ESS Scheduling Login Page.

The first step is to visit the official login page of Caesar’s employee account. Open a secure web browser on your device and visit

Step 2. Enter Your Login Credentials.

Once employees visit the above web page, they will find a login page on the screen (as shown below).

Virtual Roster Caesars ESS Scheduling: Employee Okta Login 2024 (2)

Employees can now enter their self-service account username and password in this login form.

Step 3. Access your ESS Scheduling Account.

Finally, click the Sign In button to access your ESS account and check your upcoming schedule.

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Virtual Roster Caesars ESS Mobile Login

A mobile website is also available that uses a more simplified version of the desktop website.

If employees want to access their Caesars ESS Scheduling account from a smartphone then they can visit the mobile website and access their accounts by using the same account credentials.

The below steps will be helpful.

  • Visit the official Caesars login page
  • Click the View mobile version link on the login page.
  • A login page will appear on your mobile device (as shown below).
Virtual Roster Caesars ESS Scheduling: Employee Okta Login 2024 (3)

Caesars Rewards Login

Caesars Rewards started in 2000 and is the largest and the 1st and largest loyalty program in the Entertainment industry. Anyone can join the rewards program and get the best rewards for their spending.

Customers who are already enrolled in the Caesars Loyalty program can access their account on the official website.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official Caesars Entertainment website
  2. Click the Sign In link in the top right corner to open the quick login form.
  3. Customers can also visit the login page directly at
  4. Enter your username or Caesars Rewards number and password in the login form.
  5. Press the Sign In button to access your account.

How to create a new account?

Want to join the Caesars Rewards, please create a new account by visiting

Account activation?

If you are enrolled in Caesars rewards but not using the services available through an online account then you can activate your online account by visiting web page.

Please note that all members will get a Caesars Rewards card that they can use to redeem their rewards points at any Caesars location.

Benefits of Caesars Virtual Roster ESS

There are a lot of benefits Caesars Company and its employees are getting through Virtual Roster Scheduling and the MYVR ESS portal. Some important points are shared below.

  • Easy schedule preparation that can be weekly schedule or monthly schedule as per the requirements.
  • Easily get an understanding of different department needs with the help of the data and reports available through Virtual Roster tools.
  • HR managers can easily understand the business volumes and staffing needs and prepare an optimized schedule.
  • Schedules can be monitored and adjusted as per any urgent requirement. It helps to keep all the processes operational and provide optimal coverage.
  • Time off, shift swaps, changes in schedule, etc are available directly in the employee accounts and can be approved or denied by the concerned person.
  • Schedule managers can analyze all the available data related to schedules and improve efficiency and productivity by using the available recommendations.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is the Global leader in the Hospitality and Gaming industry. Caesars Entertainment’s story begins in 1937 when Bill Harrah opened Harrah’s Bingo Club the first-ever property.

Recently Caesars partnered with Eldorado Resorts Inc. in 2020 to become the largest company in the gaming industry in the United States.

Caesars Entertainment manages 50 world-class Resorts including popular brands such as Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, Horseshoe, Eldorado, Silver Legacy, Circus Circus Reno, Tropicana, etc.

Caesars Entertainment offers world-class services and amenities through entertainment and dining destinations, accommodations, salons & spas, shopping, etc.

Caesars Scheduling ESS Summary:

Name of the PortalMy VR Caesars
Service ProviderVirtual Roster
ModuleVirtual Roster Scheduling
Access ModeOnline
BeneficiaryAll employees of Caesars Entertainment
ObjectiveTo provide scheduling and ESS services to all Caesars Entertainment employees

Caesars ESS Scheduling Employee Helpline

All employees working in Caesars Entertainment who are facing employee self-service account-related issues such as login issues etc can get the helpline from the MyVR administrator in Caesars Entertainment. Please speak with the Caesars IT administrator.

For any type of assistance related to Okta Caesars login, please contact the Caesars Help Desk at 1-877-438-4457.

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Email sign-up


We Scheduling ESS is a valuable tool offered by Virtual Roster and allows employees to easily access their accounts and prepare for the upcoming assignment in advance.

It provides valuable insights to HR managers that help them manage the day-to-day operations and easily allocate the right resources to the right work assignment at the right time.

Now all employees can easily log in to their self-service account and check the important information related to their new tasks.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. Please let us know your views in the comment section below and share this article if it is really helpful.

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Virtual Roster Caesars ESS Scheduling: Employee Okta Login 2024 (2024)


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