Ranking The Vanderpump Rules Cast By Net Worth (From Stassi To Lisa) (2024)

By Danielle Bruncati

Vanderpump Rules has been airing for a few years now, and from Stassi to Lisa, the cast have earned themselves quite the net worth.

Ranking The Vanderpump Rules Cast By Net Worth (From Stassi To Lisa) (1)

Bravo has given some pretty amazing reality shows over the years but nothing quite compares to the beautifully disastrousVanderpump Rules.The reality series is a spin-off from the popularReal Housewives of Beverly Hillsseries and follows the lives ofthe staff of Lisa Vanderpump's West Hollywood SUR Restaurant.

The series has been on for several years now and we've watched the cast blossom into somewhat functional adults, get married, get divorced, and of course, party& vacation. Most of the original cast no longer work at the restaurant despite still appearing on the show which left many wondering how much these people are now worth.

With a little help from CelebrityNetworth, we were able to track down the estimated net worths of some of our favorite cast members ofVanderpump Rules.

12 Vanderpump Rules Newcomer Beau Clark Is Worth An Estimated $400,000

One of thenewest addition to theVanderpump Rulesfamily is Beau Clark, Stassi'sfiancé. In addition to starring on the show, Clark is also an actor casting assistant. In other words, he's no stranger to the Hollywood limelight. With all these endeavors combined, he is worth an estimated $400,000. We're sure he's going to get a pay raise from the show now that he's going to be sticking around.

11 Scheana MarieIs Worth An Estimated $500,000

Scheana is one of the few original cast members who still works at SUR as a server. Between waitressing and starring in the series, Scheana is an actress and aspiring singer. Despite being one of the original cast members and having several side gigs, Scheana is one of the least wealthy cast members on the show.

10 Katie Maloney Is Worth An Estimated $500,000

It's no secret that Katie Maloney isn't rolling in the dough – you probably remember the episode where she and Tom went to sign a prenup with only a few dollars in their accounts. Still, Katie is worth more than many of us. In addition to starring on the show, Katie owns a popular blog and started a wine business with her two best friends.

9 Brittany CartwrightIs Worth An Estimated $1 Million

Arguably one of the nicest cast members, Brittany Cartwright's net worth clocks in atan estimated $1 million making her worth more than some of the original cast members. Brittany has used her status on the show to become a social media influencer which has helped increase her net worth.

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8 ArianaMadix Is Worth An Estimated $1 Million

Known on the show as the girl who hates marriage, Ariana Madix has a lot more going on then we might think. While it's assumed that most of her $1 million may have come from her time onVanderpump Rules,Ariana also used her platform to create a co*cktail book full of her own creations she'd come up with while working as a bartender at SUR.

7 Kristen Doute Is Worth An Estimated $1 Million

Rounding out the $1 million club is resident mean girl, Kristen Doute. Despite not working at SUR for several years now, Kristen has maintained her cast member status on the reality TV show thanks to her drama starting antics. In addition to starring in the series, Kristen also runsthe T-shirt company, James Mae.

6 Jax TaylorIs Worth An Estimated $2 Million

Jax Taylor has been fired from SUR more times than we can count and yet he's one of the only cast members that's still working at the popular restaurant. While his main job seems to be starting drama on the show, he's been known to model and has even partnered with some brands for his own exclusive lines.

5 Lala Kent Is Worth An Estimated $2 Million

Despite being engaged to afilm producer worth an estimated $16 million, Lala Kent clocks in with an impressive $2 million. Lala started as the hostess at SUR and has since left the popular restaurant to pursue other endeavors like her own cosmetic line. Despite not working at the restaurant, she is still a part of theVanderpump Rulescast.

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4 Stassi Schroeder Is Worth An Estimated $2 Million

Stassi Schroeder has a bit of a tumultuous relationship with theVanderpump Rulesseries. In fact, she quit filming for a year before she apologized for her behavior and ended up back on the show's cast list. Much of Stassi's net worth comes from her appearances on the show despite not working at SUR. In addition to reality TV, Stassi has also written a book and runs a successful podcast.

3 Tom SandovalIs Worth An Estimated $4 Million

There's no doubt that part of Tom Sandoval's impressive $4 million net worth is thanks in part to his business deal with Lisa Vanderpump. With a little bit of hard work, Tom Sandoval went from bartending at SUR to partially owning West Hollywood's latest bar TomTom. We're dying to see what Sandoval spends some of that money on since we know he loves the finer things in life.

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2 Tom Schwartz Is Worth An Estimated $4 Million

Interestingly enough, Tom Schwartz never actually worked at SUR to begin with. Instead, he got the job onVanderpump Rulesbecause he was dating Katie Maloney. Despite never proving he has what it takes to be a serious adult, Lisa Vanderpump offered him a business deal to go in on TomTom which Schwartz of course accepted.

1 Lisa Vanderpump Is Worth AnEstimated $90 Million Thanks To Her Restaurant Empire

We don't think you'll be surprised to learn that Lisa Vanderpump is the wealthiest cast member onVanderpump Rules.She's worth a whopping $90 million!Thanks to her successfulrestaurant empire. Lisa doesn't need to work another day in her life and yet she continues to because she loves it. One thing is for sure, she definitely doesn't need to be a cast member onThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsto maintain her fortune.

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Ranking The Vanderpump Rules Cast By Net Worth (From Stassi To Lisa) (2024)


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