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PimEyes is a face recognition search engine that is available to everyone. It uses different modern technologies, like facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and reverse image search to help you find your photos on the Internet. We have provided a lot of useful tools and features that can help you improve your searches, but also get the most out of your subscription. In this article, we explain these features and how to use them.

Table of contents

  1. When you perform a search using PimEyes
    • Removing search results from PimEyes
  2. Main functionalities available for subscribers
  • Accessing the website that a photo appears on
  • Alerts
  • Search Filters
  • PimEyes’ Takedown Requests
  • Exporting results to PDF or CSV
  • Share result
  • Deep Search
  1. Additional Information about a result

When you perform a search using PimEyes

The first action you take after entering our website is to upload a photo and perform a search. Note that we are storing uploaded photos only for 30 minutes, then the system deletes it permanently. How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (1)

The search process takes a few seconds and we work hard on providing you with the best results containing your face. At this time we check publicly available sources like websites, blogs, news, forums, pages containing explicit content, criminal records and estimate how many of them potentially published your photos. You will have a free search option but if you want to unlock website links that lead to the original source of your images, you will need to become a subscriber. We have several subscription plan options so you can choose which suits your needs best.

Removing search results from PimEyes

  • Use opt-out service - you can upload your photo, confirm your Identity by uploading your Id or passport, enter reason why you want to delete your images from search results and in about 48 hours system will clear your search results;

How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (2)

  • If you want to delete a single image, you can press the desired image and press “Exclude from public results”, then “Proceed with excluding image”. You have to provide your contact email and short description why you want to remove images. Then press submit a request. The reported result will be immediately hidden from the search results. You will need to update the page to see the changes.

How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (3)

Note: Review of the request and complete removal of the search result takes about 48 hours. So if your request doesn't get approved, the search image will reappear in search results.

Both services are free of charge.

Main functionalities available for subscribers

Accessing the website that a photo appears on

As a subscriber (of the Open Plus, PROtect, or Advanced plan) you can access all the sources of search results (websites and images). Opening the link is possible by clicking on the main picture or the "Open website" button and By clicking the photo icon, you can get the link to the source image and display the original, unblurred photo. How can you use this information? How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (4)

Generally, a website is built in a way that all the uploaded attachments, including images, have their own addresses on a server. These addresses are different from the page addresses in that they end with a file extension (.jpg or .png for photos, .pdf or .doc for documents, etc.). The address to an individual image is not always easy to find because it is important for the website administrators, and usually not so much for users.

In our case, however, information about those links is crucial. Imagine that you want to remove your photo from a particular website because it is being used illegally and it violates your image rights. Sometimes this photo is uploaded to a page on which it is difficult or even impossible to find, this is where the link to the source image comes to the rescue. Let's say you have a photo that's being used improperly on a specific website, and it's against the rules for them to use your picture without permission. Sometimes, this photo gets uploaded to a page where it's really hard, or even impossible, to locate it (for example, if it's a cover photo for a post on a category page and by the time you search for it, newer posts have replaced it). The photo hasn't been used anywhere else on the website, so it's practically impossible to find. However, it's still stored on that website, and you can't be certain they won't use it again. Once you have the link to the source image, you can check if the given picture is still under that link. If it is, the website administrator hasn’t removed your photo. If it’s not, you don’t have to worry anymore.


PimEyes’ Alerts is our monitoring tool. It is available in all subscription plans. When you set an Alert, you are notified about newly-found results containing your face. You can set up multiple Alerts (3 in the Open Plus plan, 15 in the PROtect plan, and 500 in the Advanced plan). On our blog you can read more about using Alerts to protect your image.

Search Filters

You can use the sorting option in all available plans. It will sort your results by date. Also, we have a safe search option and by choosing safe search, explicit images will be hidden from your search. By choosing grouping,there won’t be displayed several identical photos. If the same image appears on several different websites, they will be grouped and you will be able to ungroup them if needed. How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (5)

PimEyes’ Takedown Requests

The Takedown Requests service is part of the PROtect and Advanced subscriptions. Thanks to this tool you can order DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices for the results found and hidden by the PROtect Image.

In the Takedown Requests service we find the administrators of the websites where the unwanted images appear, draft and send multiple DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices on your behalf, monitor if the photos have been removed, and report the results of our interventions.

Bonus: In the Takedown Requests service we can send the DMCA&GDPR Takedown Notices not only for photos that our website has found, you can also do a manual takedown by providing the links yourself, it just should be a publicly available website.

Exporting results to PDF or CSV

The feature of generating PDF or CSV files from the results is available in the Advanced Subscription plan. Use the “export” button in order to export the results. This feature is very useful when you manage your results and you want to compare them quickly. One-time purchase offers exporting results to PDF or CSV as well, the difference is that in that case, you can export files only one time and all the results will be sent on the email you registered with. How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (6)

Share results

If you would like to share the results you have obtained with other people, you can accomplish this by locating and pressing the designated "share" button. This action will enable you to distribute findings to individuals or a wider audience, allowing them to view the shared content.

Deep Search

Deep search is a feature available only for the Advanced subscribers. This mechanism is used to search our index more thoroughly. The Deep Search takes a little bit longer than a regular search. It is possible that by performing a Deep Search we will find more results with a given face, but not always.

Additional Information about a result

There are several important pieces of information about a given result:

How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (7)

The date when our bots came across this photo

Important: It is impossible for us to provide the date of when the picture was uploaded to the Internet.

Result IDWhen you click on the button with the copy icon on it, you automatically copy the ID of a specific result. Use this ID to report an issue to the support center available in all subscription plans.

Share the result

We have added the “Share” button to simplify sharing the results. Use it when you want to show your result to your friends or a broader audience.

Perform search with this image

You can use this button to perform a recursive search with the thumbnail of the open result, that will help our search engine to identify more precisely images containing your features.

Do you want us to take care of removing your photos from external websites?

How to Use PimEyes | PimEyes' Blog | PimEyes (2024)


How can I use PimEyes? ›

The first action you take after entering our website is to upload a photo and perform a search. Note that we are storing uploaded photos only for 30 minutes, then the system deletes it permanently. The search process takes a few seconds and we work hard on providing you with the best results containing your face.

Can I use PimEyes for free? ›

PimEyes provides the same search results for both free and premium searches. However, our premium packages offer additional features that may be of interest to you. For example, our Open Plus package unlocks access to the sources of your results.

Does PimEyes keep your photos? ›

If you are not a subscriber and are not using services like Alerts or PROtect Image, we save your uploaded image only temporarily and remove it after 48 hours. In the Alerts service we save the image you have used to conduct a search and then use it to find new results containing your images.

Is PimEyes safe to use? ›

However, these measures are not enough to ensure the safety and protection of the users and the subjects of the photos. Therefore, it is not safe to search on PimEyes or to have your photos searched by others. You should be careful about what photos you share online, and how you use reverse image search tools.

Is PimEyes legal? ›

PimEyes has been the subject of legal inquiries and lawsuits in Europe and the United States. In November 2022, the privacy advocacy group Big Brother Watch filed a complaint with the United Kingdom's data and privacy watchdog. In December 2022, Germany's privacy watchdog opened proceedings against PimEyes.

What is better than PimEyes? ›

The best site like are Google Lens,, and The top Competitors of PimEyes are 1) Social Catfish · 2) Spokeo · 3) Google Images · 4) TinEye · 5) Google Lens · 6) Yandex Image. These 10 sites will allow you to search by image.

How many people use PimEyes? ›

According to the company, PimEyes currently has only about 350 premium subscribers. Kowalczyk and Tatina wouldn't have made much money with that yet. But PimEyes advertises another feature that could be the key to high revenues.

How effective is PimEyes? ›

How accurate is PimEyes' Face Search tool? Based on reviews by the New York Times and the Daily Mail, PimEyes is highly accurate for the face recognition of known celebrities and media journalists. However, only 25 percent of the results were accurate for the average person.

Is it easy to cancel PimEyes? ›

Go to Settings. In the "Payments" section, click the "Orders & Subscriptions" button. You'll be redirected to the list of your subscriptions and orders. Click the "Cancel subscription" button on the subscription you would like to cancel.

What is the PimEyes controversy? ›

A new facial recognition search engine called PimEyes is causing controversy for its potential to be used for surveillance and stalking. The website allows users to upload a photo of a person and search for other photos of that same person online.

Can I remove myself from PimEyes? ›

Please use this form to exercise your right to have any and all of your data removed from our system.

Who is the owner of PimEyes? ›

Giorgi Gobronidze bought one of the world's most controversial face search engines. In his first in-depth interview the new PimEyes-CEO explains how his company wants to detect stalkers and why PimEyes is available in some authoritarian regimes.

What are the disadvantages of PimEyes? ›

Another potential disadvantage of PimEyes is that it may not always provide complete or accurate results. The website's search algorithm may not be able to find all images of a particular individual, or it may miss some images that are available online.

Does PimEyes notify? ›

The PimEyes Alerts is a service designed for people who want to keep an eye out for their image integrity. With PimEyes' Alerts you will get a notification every time we find a photo with your face.

Can you be tracked by your face? ›

Face tracking, used in Visage Technologies' FaceTrack, is a technology that uses proven computer vision algorithms to detect and track faces and their facial features (eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, pupils, nose, lips, and contour) in images and videos from any standard camera or video file in color, grayscale, and near- ...

Can I search a person by photo? ›

It is possible to try and find a person using a photo, but it may be difficult without additional information. One option is to use reverse image search tools, such as Google Images or TinEye, to see if the photo has been used online elsewhere and if any additional information can be found.

How can I use facial recognition? ›

Set up Face ID
  1. Go to Settings, then tap Face ID & Passcode. ...
  2. Tap Set Up Face ID.
  3. Hold your device in portrait orientation, position your face in front of your device, then tap Get Started.
  4. Position your face inside the frame and gently move your head to complete the circle.

Is there a free facial recognition site? ›

Best of all, PicTriev is an entirely free online face comparison tool that includes various other functions. PicTriev has an additional function that allows you to assess if two distinct images are of the same person. FaceCheck.ID is one of the most effective reverse image search tools for facial recognition.

How to reverse image search? ›

Google's reverse image search is a breeze on a desktop computer. Go to, click the camera icon to open Google Lens, and either paste in the image link (URL) for an image you've seen online, upload an image from your hard drive, or drag an image from another window.


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