All Inclusive Montana Dude Ranch Rates | Nine Quarter Circle Ranch (2024)

To make a reservation, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Inc. (“NQCR”) requires a 20% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits may be transferred to the following year if NQCR is notified in writing sixty (60) days or more prior to your confirmed stay that you wish to make such a change in your reservation. Deposits may only be transferred 1 time and rebooked reservations are subject to the rate of the year the visit takes place. Transfer of deposit is subject to availability and to the reasonable discretion of NQCR. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable for any cancellation made less than sixty (60) days prior to date of your scheduled arrival. Credits will not be allowed for shortened stays, deleted rooms, or absences during your stay. Credit card charges will incur a 3% transaction fee.

Due to the limited number of accommodations available and the distance of the ranch from population centers, it is impossible to fill vacancies on short notice. As such, we cannot absorb cancellations during the sixty (60) days prior to your scheduled arrival, nor refund deposits, irrespective of the reason a guest needs to cancel, whether it is illness, travel difficulties, family emergency, or any other cause. For that reason, we strongly encourage the purchase of “cancel for any reason” travel insurance (including medical and evacuation insurance). This insurance typically covers any costs incurred by you as a result of cancellation of your trip, whether due to your circ*mstances, or NQCR’s. Cancellations must be documented in writing, sent to [emailprotected].

If NQCR cancels a reservation for any reason reasonably within its control, a full refund of the reservation will be given. However, in such cases NQCR will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred, such as airline tickets, hotel rooms, equipment, medical expenses, etc.
In the event that NQCR must cancel a reservation as a result of an occurrence of force majeure, including acts of God; fire; flood; explosion; extraordinary and destructive weather conditions directly affecting NQCR’s ability to safely provide lodging or activities; acts, laws, orders or restraint of government; pandemic or outbreaks of sickness or disease; terrorism, war, sabotage or vandalism; accident, civil disorder or riots within the NQCR’s operating areas or directly affecting NQCR’s performance; or any other circ*mstances beyond NQCR’s control, no refunds will be provided.

If cancellation occurs sixty (60) days or less from the date of your scheduled arrival, you are responsible for the full balance owed for your booked stay.

Payment: Deposits will be applied as a credit to your account on the last portion of your stay. Balance is due upon check-in. We accept cash, personal checks, and traveler's checks. Credit and debit card charges will incur a 3% transaction fee.

Gratuities: A ten percent (10%) service charge will be added to ranch rates to cover gratuities, plus a small amount of accommodations tax. This gratuity will be collected upon check-in, as an item within in your final balance due.

COVID-19: Please be aware that NQCR does not have the capabilities to test for Covid-19 should you become ill or show symptoms associated with the virus while staying at the ranch. If you exhibit symptoms, we will require you and your entire party to leave the ranch to be tested for Covid-19 at a medical facility. Once you and/or your entire party has tested negative, you may return to the ranch if you are within your scheduled reservation. Additionally, if you are required to quarantine on the ranch due to Covid-19 for any reason, you will be responsible for all additional fees incurred for extra days/weeks that you may be on the ranch.

Riding Limitations: For the safety of our guests and horses, the weight limit for riding is 225 pounds with a BMI max of 30. This weight limit will be enforced and weight will be verified if needed. Pregnant women will not be allowed to ride. Riders must be physically able to mount a horse unassisted. Riding boots are required while on horseback. Cowboy hats must have stampede string attached.

Pack Trips are extra – due to a change in Forest Service regulations and fees, there will be an additional $25 per person fee for the two-day pack trip. Please bring your own sleeping bag and ground pad. There must be a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve people for this activity; the minimum age is 13 years old, 10 years old if accompanied by a parent and qualified riding ability.

Our Private Airstrip is 4000’ long and accommodates light twins. Call for our special airstrip pamphlet. Unicom radio 122.8. We have tie downs, but no fuel or service.

Transportation may be provided for pick up in Bozeman, MT for an additional fee. Our transportation is limited to one shuttle per week and is filled on a first booked, first served basis.

Commercial Air Carriers serving Bozeman are United, American, Alaska, Southwest and Delta. Guests often fly into Salt Lake City and rent a vehicle to drive to the ranch. Salt Lake City is about six hours from the ranch. Bozeman is about 1½ hours’ drive.

Electronics Information: Cell phone service is not available at the ranch due to our mountainous location. Nearest cell phone reception is Big Sky or West Yellowstone. Wireless internet access is available in our main lodge area.

Beer and Wine are available at our General Store and guests may bring their own. A guest refrigerator is accessible for adult beverages.

All Inclusive Montana Dude Ranch Rates | Nine Quarter Circle Ranch (2024)


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